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Review of Rites of Passage

Thriller: Rites of Passage review by Erin Richter, Entertainment Weekly pg 52 #531, March 17, 2000

Rites of Passage – Dean Stockwell, Jason Behr (2000, Bell Canyon, 94 min, R, also on DVED) Male bonding binds this straight-to-tape melodrama about a weekend retreat that violently unites the troubled men of the Farraday family (including pops Stockwell and gay son Behr) when two escaped convicts intrude. “Powder” director Victor Salva’s ultimately contrived story falls apart when he mixes the heartfelt with the random (a plot thread involving a Native American manhood dance? Save it for The Learning Channel). C-

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Nest weeks show

page 60, What to Watch: Roswell 9-10 (The WB, TV-PG-L) Liz and Max head to an Indian reservation to learn more about a fellow alien presence, in an episode directed by another planet hopper, “Star Trek’s” Jonathan Frakes. (R)

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Blurb about the schedule shuffle

(p. 57) reports: “The netlet’s scheduling shuffle wasn’t so kind to Amanda Peet’s freshmen relationship dramedy which will be yanked from the WB’s lineup mid-month.”


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