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Jason Katims Interview-Sci Fi Weekly

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What planet is Jason Katims from?
By Patrick Lee

The WB’s teen alien series Roswell is closing in on the end of its first season, with startling revelations in store for Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex. But the bigger drama is playing out off-screen, where the series awaits word from the network on whether it will have a second year.

The show’s ratings have been lackluster, though it maintains a strong cult following, particularly on the Internet. In an effort to boost those ratings, the network plans to move the show from its current Wednesday 9 p.m. time slot to Monday nights at 9 p.m. starting April 10. That will take it out of the line of fire of NBC’s hit The West Wing and UPN’s Star Trek: Voyager, and place it comfortably in the wake of The WB’s hit 7th Heaven.

Meanwhile, fans of the show have mounted a campaign to save it, sending miniature bottles of Tabasco sauce to WB executives and planning to take out a full-page ad in the April 6 issue of Variety. Tabasco sauce plays a key role in the show: it’s the condiment of choice for the teen aliens.

Jason Katims, one of the series’ executive producers and its “show runner,” is grateful for the fan support. He took a few minutes to speak with Science Fiction Weekly about the show and its prospects and to offer some spoilers (you’ve been warned) for the end of the season.


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