Nets: Do some good! Save these 4 Shows

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From: New York Daily News

Nets, Do Some Good:
Save These Four Shows

Ratings, demographics, lead-ins, promotability, projects in development . . . phooey. Networks can trump up all the excuses they like. The fact remains that good TV shows � like good novels, good plays, good movies and good songs � are rarities. They deserve to be protected and preserved, not abused, misused, neglected and canceled.

It’s even smart business. Good shows – we’re talking about weekly series here – are the very things that make network programming different from the low-budget, ripoff, copy-cat, rerun stuff that fills most of the time on most of the outlets of our supposedly glorious multi-channel universe.

The following four series currently hang suspended between renewal and cancellation. Three have been consistently good with flashes of greatness; one is flat-out excellent. All have earned the right to survive:

[…] “ROSWELL.”
What better hook for exploring the alienation of youth than . . . aliens! Undetectable among the student population at Roswell High School in Roswell, N.M., supposed site of a 1950s UFO crash, are a few teenagers who are actually space aliens with unusual empathetic and healing powers.

Each episode, Wednesdays at 9, usually includes a couple of special effects, but the real dramatic force of the show derives from the friendships � and romantic entanglements � among the alien kids and a few human teenagers who have learned their secret



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