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Roswell is Hot campaign begins!!!!!

Crashdown is pleased to be joining the Roswell is Hot! campaign started by Mel, Galor, and our other friends at the Roswell Delphi Forum.

Further information can be obtained by emailing Galor.

“Roswell’s HOT!”

It’s time to get the WBs attention. So in addition to writing our letters of support for our favorite show, we’re starting a “Roswell’s HOT!” campaign. This will involve everyone sending in a bottle of
Tabasco with their letters. We want to have a united front and bombard the WB with the bottles within a 3 week period. Various internet clubs for different shows have attempted similar campaigns with great results!

Here’s what you can do:

Purchase a bottle of Tabasco, any size (they sell packs of mini bottles in some stores, check for more info).

Mail Tabasco and a letter of support to the following:

Mr. Jamie Kellner, Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Susanne Daniels, President, Entertainment
Mr. Jordan Levin, Executive Vice-President, Programming


The WB
3701 Oak Street
Burbank, CA 91522

Individual mailings to the three people above will be most effective.

Somewhere at the top of your letter (but NOT on the outside of your package) write our slogan “Roswell’s HOT!”. Remember to be courteous and encouraging in your letter. And be concise- keep it short! The visual of the Tabasco will be the important part, but your letter will be the connection between the show and our campaign.

The key to this campaign is timing. For the next three weeks beginning March 6th, let’s overflow the WB with Tabasco and show them how strongly we feel about our show! Let’s set a deadline of March 27th as the deadline for sending in your Tabasco and letters. The decision for renewal will be made soon, so we want to keep Roswell fresh in their minds.


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