Get Dido’s Here with me on TRL

Starkiller asked for some help with getting Dido voted into MTV’s total Request Live. That seems like a cool thing to do, so we are putting this on the news!

I’ve been gathering support for people to vote for Dido’s video for her
song “Here With Me”(which is of course the Roswell theme)to get on the MTV
show called Total Request Live. Voting can be done at on the
link called TRL and then click “play my song”). You can also call them up
between the hours of 11am and 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time. The number is
1-800-DIAL-MTV to vote by the phone. I thought it would really help this
song get on the top 10 countdown if it was a headline at your site(you’ve
almost gotten a million hits now!). So PLEASE post it, it’s for the good
of Dido and Roswell.