Roswell Ends On a High – TVZone1- UK (Spoilers)

Thanks to Froglet for keeping us informed of the Roswell media in the UK!

Typed by MyrnaLynne.

Roswell Ends On a High – TV Zone 1 from the UK

The WB network is moving ROSWELL from Wednesdays to Mondays at 9 pm probably
around 3rd April at which point it should see its Science Fiction quotient
increased. WB required the express permission of the production company as
the contract had been specifically for Wednesday broadcasts. ROSWELL will
end its season on a cliff-hanger and new character Tess played by Emilie De
Raven is being introduced, who, according to creator Jason Katims “upsets
the apple cart for various reasons.” He also added that by the season end
Max, Isabel and Michael will “discover the fourth alien they’ve been
searching for all this time. The cliff-hanger at the end of the season is
how certain people of the group become divided because of the presence of
the fourth alien, and it splits them up… Once this begins to happen, the
stakes become extremely high, and there’s a lot of danger and definitely
potential for people to die.” A decision on a second year is expected in
May and Katims says, “We’re just going to work really hard and make the
final episodes of the season great and make it impossible for them not to
pick it up.”


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