Jason BehrLeadingShiri Appleby

Blossoming – At this garden party

Thanks to Tdegoo for sending this in! We will work on getting this picture.

There is a really great picture and small article of Jason and Shiri in the June 2000 issue of ‘Mademoiselle,’ under the article “Blossoming – At this garden party, the new Hollywood crowd (some of them known stars, some about to be) mix it up in summer’s prettiest evening clothes.”
(Page 139)

Here is the excerpt about Jason and Shiri (Page 144):

Ah, young intergalactic love! In Roswell, the WB’s hit boy-alien-meets-girl series, Behr 26, play Max, an E.T. in the shape of a human hunk. Appleby, 21, is Liz, the high schooler he falls in love with. Here, both actors express the not-so-alien ardor of their characters. “It’s ironic, because right before this, we were shooting an episode called ‘Sexual Healing,” says Appleby. “I think these outfits fit.” Behr agrees: “This is Max and Liz in an island paradise where nobody can bother them.” Pause – and then a gleam steals into his famously soulful eyes. “Or maybe it’s a picture of, like, the seventh season: a Roswell reunion in Rio.”


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