Roswell Rally

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Richard L. Eldredge

The Atlanta Constitution
Page D; 2
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‘ Roswell ‘ rally

The official word arrives from the WB network today, but after a few
well-placed leaks spouted, local fans of the teen sci-fi series ”
Roswell ” started partying Monday night.

The network will announce today that the struggling series has been
renewed for a second season. To celebrate, Sandy Springs fan Samantha
Wilson organized a ” Roswell ” season finale viewing party Monday
night at Frankie’s on the Prado. “We even had fans driving in from
Birmingham for this,” said Wilson, who has been corresponding with
about 55 other local viewers online at, the show’s
Web site.

The 32-year-old real estate investment firm employee says the show’s
“combination of relationships between the characters and the sci-fi
elements” hooked her as a viewer.


not an active member anymore.