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Shiri Mentioned in Alloy.com article

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From alloy.com:


Not too long ago, Larisa told us she was stressing over what she would do after 3rd Rock wrapped for the season. As she put it, “We’re talking a good five months before I go to college, and if I’m not working then, oh my goodness!”

As it turns out, she won’t have time to be bored. Larisa is now working on a new movie called A Time For Dancing, which co-stars Roswell’s Shiri Appleby. Both actresses play ballerinas, so Larisa is taking loads of dance classes to prepare for the role. From what we hear, her character is diagnosed with cancer, so you might want to have some tissues on hand once the movie hits theaters. We’re already planning a set visit, so watch this space for exclusive info on this cool new project.


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