WB Saves Roswell, Felicity

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WB Saves Roswell, Felicity

OK, kids, you can stop sending those bottles of Tabasco now. The WB has
renewed the sci-fi-teen hybrid Roswell, thanks to a viewer campaign that
bombarded the network and members of the media with the favorite condiment
of the series’ aliens.

The WB has also renewed shaky sophomore series Felicity for another year.
The show, which stars Keri Russell, stays in its new Wednesday time slot,
while Roswell stays on Monday nights. There will be no Felicity repeats,
according to USA Today; when the 11 new episodes have aired this fall,
Felicity will go on hiatus. Jack & Jill will take its place in January, with
13 new episodes scheduled.

The network is adding four new series and has picked up two struggling
series from other networks, acquiring Sabrina, the Teenage Witch from ABC
and Eddie Murphy’s claymation comedy The PJs from Fox.

The Tuesday night lineup of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel remains
unchanged; likewise, Dawson’s Creek and Charmed stay on Wednesdays and
Thursdays, respectively. It’s been a shaky year at the WB, with a 20 percent
drop in ratings, thanks partly to the loss of affiliate channel WGN in

The WB’s four new shows are Gilmore Girls, about a young, single mother and
her teenage daughter; Grosse Pointe, set behind the scenes of a prime-time
soap opera; Hype, a Saturday Night Live-style sketch-comedy series; and
Nikki, a sitcom starring Nikki Cox from Unhappily Ever After and Norm fame.
She’ll star as a Las Vegas showgirl married to a pro wrestler.

Gone from the WB lineup are Movie Stars, the retitled Zoe, and 7th Heaven:
Beginnings, the Sunday rerun of the network’s most popular series.

8 p.m.* 7th Heaven
9 p.m. Roswell

8 p.m. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9 p.m. Angel

8 p.m. Dawson’s Creek
9 p.m. Felicity

8 p.m. Gilmore Girls
9 p.m. Charmed

8 p.m. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
8:30 p.m. Grosse Pointe
9 p.m. Popular

7 p.m. The PJs
7:30 p.m. The Jamie Foxx Show
8 p.m. The Steve Harvey Show
8:30 p.m. For Your Love
9 p.m. Hype
9:30 p.m. Nikki
*All times are EST/PST.


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