Mentions from the UK magazine “Heat”

Thanks to Mellie for sending this!

First mention is on the today’s picks TV for Thursday 8 June for Destiny.

Roswell High – Sky One, 8pm (three stars)
Last in the current series of this fun American import which has been a bit like a cross between Dawson’s Creek and The X-Files, tracking the adventures of a bunch of high-school kids who happen to be aliens. Tonight the youngsters are about to discover their real purpose on earth.

Second mention is on the top 10 things to watch (on satellite, cable & digital)

No 10. Roswell High – Sky One, Thursday, 8pm
Sexy teens, nutty sci-fi fantasy action, quirky Dawson’s-style dialogue – Roswell High’s got it all, but sadly, this is the last in the current series.


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