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Movie shoot brings stars to Yuma

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Movie shoot brings stars to Yuma

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YUMA, Ariz. (AP) – A movie described by its makers as a suspenseful road thriller is wrapping up filming in the Yuma area.

“The Forsaken” follows the trail of a young man who, while traveling cross country, meets a mysterious drifter and becomes involved in the drifter’s quest to hunt down a band of killers.

Filming of the movie will continue in the Yuma area through next week before moving to Colorado for the shooting of the final scenes, said producer Carol Kottenbrook.

The sidetracked traveler is being played by Kerr Smith, who stars in television’s “Dawson Creek”; the drifter is being played by Brendan Fehr of the TV show “Roswell.”

Production began in May in the Yuma area, but those surrounding the film have been secretive about it until this week.

“Yuma has been very good to us,” Kottenbrook said. “The whole community has been very helpful, the police, the sheriff’s office, the Chamber of Commerce and all the businesses. We’ll be back.”

The movie is scheduled for release next spring by Sony Pictures Entertainment.