The leniency of the fathers on Roswell

Thanks to Kimberly for sending this in!

From MSN entertainment Top Ten Best TV Moments:

The leniency of the fathers on Roswell

Teenagers are a demanding bunch, for sure. One thing they crave most is the freedom to come and go as they please, a concept that most fathers aren’t too hot on. But high-schoolers Max, Isabel, Liz, Maria and Alex (Michael’s bum of a foster father barely gave him notice) are sure never bothered by some pesky curfew. Their dads let out nary a peep when their progeny are off gallivanting around town at all hours of the night and day. It’s not that the fathers don’t care about their kids, it’s just that … well, we don’t exactly know why they’re so cool about it, but it’s great that they are! – Jenny Higgons


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