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TV star visits Stanley Knowles

Thanks to BrendansWinnipegChick for sending this article in- it comes from the Winnipeg Times.

TV star visits Stanley Knowles
By Catherine Ogloza
Times Correspondent- The Times

Forget car washes amd bakes sales. If the students at Stanley Knowles School want to raise money, they get a TV star.

Students in Grade 6 to 8 enjoyed the afternoon of May 12 playing basketball with transplanted Winnipeg resident and star of TV’s Roswell, Brendan Fehr.

“He’s so cute,” one young female fan commented as she pushed her way into the crowd of swarming students, vying for an autograph from the famous fellow.

“It’s falttering, definitley,” Fehr said. “I’d like to think that if I got bald and a bit wrinkly that people would still think I’m cool.” (continuted on page 3)

MBCI grad helps raise nearly $300
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From noon to 1p.m., the school gym was alive with loud tunes and cheering
crowd as the MBCI graduate demonstrated his skills at the hoop with the
students, an event that cost $2 for everyone who wanted to participate.
Nearly $300 was raised to support the Grade 8 graduation.

But why would an actor fly from Los Angeles to shoot baskets with the
students at Stanley Knowles? The connection lies within the school staff.
Teacher Angela Fehr is the sister of the 22-year-old Brendan, and the actor
just happened to be in town for a few days before flying off to Arizona for
a movie shoot.

“It’s neat, but he’s still just my brother,” laughed Angela, about the celebrity of her younger sibling. “And I’ll smack him around if it gets to his head!”

Fehr, who plays Michael on the show, hasn’t let stardom sink in, even though he was surrounded by scores of anxious young fans at the school.

“In the overall scheme of things,” Fehr said, “I’m acting. What I do is pretty unimportant on the whole.”

In the midst of the game and the autographs the gracious Fehr certainly showed his appreciation to his fans by posing for pictures. And his many fans were very appreceative of his special apperance as way to help them fund-raise.

“That was very caring of him,” said the 13-year old Chantal Cote, adding, “He was very sweaty.”

Roswell airs on Monday nights at 7 p.m., on CTV.


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