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WB56 Morning Show With Brendan Fehr

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Transcript from Brendan Fehr’s interview on the WB56 Morning Show
July 10, 2000

Stephanie Lydon and Glenn (did not catch his last name) – Anchors
Darin Adams – Weatherman

SL: Canadian Born Brendan Fehr is in our Studios.
G: I understand he is hot, the star of the WB series Roswell is will be live in our studios. Find out why he is visiting the Hub.
SL: We mean hot in a meaning other than hot sauce.
G: The aliens needs tabasco sauce in order to survive. Remember that.


SL: You see him every Monday night here on WB56 and this morning Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael Guerin on the show Roswell is here with us live. Good morning Brendan!
BF: Good morning!
SL: Thanks so much for being here.
G: Did you hear the music…We have the Doors.
BF: The Doors, I was impressed
G: We are playing that because actually he wore his hair like you are wearing yours right now.
BF: I’m growing it out.
G: Growing it out, right!
SL: Intentionally?
G: What for next season?
BF: Well, I’m growing it out for the movie I did this summer. I wanted it to be different from Roswell. So it’s different from the first season, but the second season is going to air before the movie comes out.

DA: So your hair is supposed to look like this? Not something that happens accidentally on the way in?
BF: (laugh) No, I woke up late and this is it. I partied too hard in Boston
SL: So the truth comes out.
BF: I actually have not went to bed yet.
SL: Neither have any of us so we are in leagues with you. Have you been enjoying Boston?
BF: Oh yeah. It reminds, I mean it got a lot more history than the town where I’m from Winnipeg. But in terms of the brick and it being a kind of blue color working class City and stuff like that, and the attitude of the people, its kind of similar to my town, but a little bit more so. I mean I really like the city.
G: I understand you went to a Red Sox game last night.
BF: I did, I went to a Red Sox game.
G: And they won.
BF: Yeah they did. Something like 7 to 2. They smoked them. Nomar is amazing.
SL: Yeah he is great.

G: So, You want anything to eat here. We have everything…A little tabasco sauce on it.
BF: I’ll take a swig if you will.
G: (pours tabasco sauce on some finger foods)
BF: …Straight up!
G: (Takes the challenge and drinks the sauce straight up)
BF: I guess I have to do that now? (He puts the bottle to his head and drinks)
SL: I sort to feel like I’m at a Frat house (everyone laughs)
DA: I don’t think that people at home comprehends how much went in. The bottle was full.
G: You can really feel it now!
BF: You feel it afterwards.
DA: So we will be cutting the interview short.
BF: We are all red face. We all will be sweating really.
SL: We really should explain this – on the show it an intricate part of your character.
G: Eat bread, it really helps.
BF: Don’t drink water it spreads it around. I don’t know why the writer originally wrote it in. I guess it was kind of a quirky thing to add.
G: But it works.
BF: Everyone lashed onto it and it becomes synonymous with the show. Now I have a lot of spit in my mouth now. But the aliens like sweet and spicy things – so we pour it in Pepsi or on chocolate cake or whatever else.

DA is pouring tabasco sauce into a soda for Brendan

B: You better be making that for yourself.
G: Tell us why you are here in Boston?
BF: We are…No not my entourage… (Laughing) I am here going to Six Flags New England to ride the new Superman ride that just opened.

SL: So do you love roller coasters?
BF: Yeah, I love roller Coasters. I’, signing autographs and meeting people and riding around …
G: I hear you are a big Bruins fan.
BF: Yeah…
G: Look at what we got for you. (A bruins jersey)
BF: Oh wow! Very nice…
SL: You can wear it back in Canada.
BF: I was looking for one yesterday…Now I’m just throwing it around…( he accidentily dropped the shirt and jokingly saysI’m being ungrateful)I’m ungrateful…I really…I really was looking for one yesterday.
SL: Tell us about your movie?
BF: WE just finish shooting and now we are looking for a February or March release date. It called the Forsaken – a vampire movie.
SL: …keeping with sci-fi theme…
BF: Yeah
G: …Good luck with your career Brendan.
SL: Brendan star of WB’s Roswell. Thank you so much for joining us.