Crashdown Wants Your Memories (Just Click Me)

Attention All Party-Goers (or anyone who was involved with the Roswell Party)

I’m looking for your stories, antedotes, photographs, memories, dedications,
thank-yous, you name it or can think it up, I want it. This is going to be part of a major party wrap-up that Crashdown is doing and I don’t want anyone to miss their chance to share their memories. I’ve only gotten about 10 responses and I know there were many more of you that attended the party…STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!! Let your voice be heard loud and clear.

It could be about going to Teen Choice (if you went), about seeing Leno, about meeting the cast on either Friday or Saturday night, the dinners you went
to (Ie, Crashdown Staff, Valentine, group dinners), any after-party activities, hotel roommate stories, hotel events (Ramada, Sheraton just to name a few),
about the party itself (the auction, the raffles, meeting other posters among other things), your thoughts on the new Dido video featuring the cast. If you got
autographs from any of the cast get the idea :)

Be sure to be as detailed as possible. I want as clear and concise information as possible so that the misfortunate others who couldn’t make it can relieve
every moment of the weekend and share some of your memories and experiences with you and everyone else.

Be as original as possible. The more unique your submission the better. Wanna make captions for your photograhs, go for it-have a collage you made
and want to share it, send it in. Decided to make your account of the weekend into a “fan fic”-by all means, submit it! Made a video? Bring it on into my
mailbox!! Have a special thank-you you want to say to the cast and/or crew (individually or as a group) but just didn’t know how to, send them in. If you want to thank
someone special (whether it be your roommate for the weekend, a poster, party planners, RIHHIN, Crashdown Team, admins, moderators, etc,) please
send in whatever you like. The more the merrier in fact!

Any and all submissions will pretty much be guaranteed to be used. Just no foul language and keep it clean. It’s got to be able to be read by individuals of
all ages. If you send in photographs to be posted, please let me know who all is in the photo so it can be labeled properly. Please also tell me your real
name (you can just tell me your first name if you want) along with your FF posting name or if you were a guest of a FF poster so credit can be given where
credit is properly due :)

Send IT to me at ASAP!! Time is a flying by!