Jason BehrLeadingShiri Appleby

Premiere Magazine – WB Academy

Thanks to Shavona for sending this to me. It’s from Premiere Magazine

It has a section called, “The WB
Academy” in it, and Roswell is mentioned. This is what it says:


Leads of the show:
Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby

Yearbook caption:
Lovesick extraterrestrial and his girl-next-door amour

Extracurricular activities:
Appleby: the upcoming “A Time for Dancing”

Also on the honor roll:
Brendan Fehr(Final Destination, the upcoming The Forsaken), Colin Hanks (the upcoming Getting Over Allison), Majandra Delfino (the upcoming Traffic)

The picture is of Michael and Liz. I think it’s when he gave her journal back.

The article does that for BTVS,DC, Felicity, and Popular.

There’s another article in it, that Brendan co-stars in. It’s called “A Perfect World”. It’s a fasion type deal. A suburban “fantasy versus reality in the family life”, type thing. The other players are:Matt Keeslar, Eliza Dushku(Faith, Calypso), and Zooey Deschanel. It’s spooky folks. He looks really weird in these pictures. In one of them, he has on a pair of khakis
and a pink Polo shirt. The look on his face is pure “Stepford”. His hair is slicked back. The next pic has him in a freaky shirt with a sweater vest over it, and some slacks. He’s holding one of those long forks that you use to barbeque with. He’s next to a grill. The look on his face is pure, “get me the hell out of here.” His hair is down. Last pic has him wearing a
sweater, a coat that’s just above his knees, and black leather pants. His hair is down. The look on his face is pure, “my publicist will pay”. Oh, the best thing about it is, he’s barefoot. Nice feet. :):)