Tidbit from E-bay magazine

Thanks to MistyMue for sending this in!

(This has been cut down and the full article has not been reproduced, only the part about the WB TV show, Roswell.)

Alien, UFO collectibles rocket to new heights…

During a violent thunderstorm on July2, 1947, “something” crashed on New Mexico rancher William “Mac” Brazel’s property near the Roswell Army Air Field.

Since then, Roswell and the UFO story, complete with alien autopsies and government cover-ups, have become cultural icons and hot collectibles – thanks in part to the unexpected popularity of the WB’s Roswell.

And who knew TV’s sexy aliens and their glow-in-the-dark hickeys would heat up the auction circuit as well as the small screen.

Currently on eBay, autographed photos of the Roswell characters are gaining in price on genuine Roswell souvenirs. Pictures of Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel, and Liz, which sold for $25 when the series first began, are now bringing in $100 – $200 a pop. Even a clock picturing the cast goes for $50.00, as does a sweatshirt with the famous silver handprint stitched on the chest.