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Out Of This World-Brendan Fehr

Thanks so much to Kimber Katie for sending this in. It’s a short “article on Brendan Fehr that appeared in the August 28, 2000 issue of “The Projector”, a newspaper put out by and for Red River College students in Winnipeg, Manitoba.”

In case you can’t read the article, here’s the transcript of it by Kimber Katie who transcribed it.

“Out Of This World”
Former Winnipegger finds intergalactic success with Roswell series
By Catherine Ogloza

Ask Roswell star Brendan Fehr how he feels about being selected as one
of Teen People’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 last May, and this
22-year-old interstellar stud will blush.

“It’s flattering, definitely,” the transplanted Winnipegger chortles.
“I’d like to think that if I got bald and a bit wrinkly, people would
still think I’m cool.”

Currently living in rented quarters in Los Angeles with his Rottweiler,
Opa, Fehr’s break in the biz is something out of a fantasy.

Merely days before beginning classes at the University of Manitoba, Fehr
was vacationing in Vancouver when he was “discovered” and immediately
started down the performing path, landing his first role in the series
Breaker High. The rest, as they say, is history.

Trying to visit his friends and family in the ‘Peg four times a year,
Fehr’s busy schedule, chock full of film and television credits, may
have been less hectic had he followed his gut instinct.

Landing a role on the hit series Roswell was initially an undesirable
undertaking for Fehr.

“I didn’t want to do it,” he recalls. “Teenagers and science-fiction
just didn’t really appeal to me.”

But Fehr, who plays the role of Michael, one of three extraterrestrials
living in Roswell, New Mexico (site of an alleged 1947 UFO crash) on the
Warner Brothers Network’s sci-fi hit, admits he reconsidered after
reading the script and understanding the plot.

“I now realize that I’m in a spot highly envied by a lot of kids,” says
Fehr, adding, “it is a shock some days. The perks are very nice, the
hours are long, but when you just want to relax, it’s hard. You can
never really be off work.”

Having a familiar face and well-known name has its effects on the rising
star. Noting the fuss that seems to follow him wherever he goes, Fehr
says, “I’m acting. What I do is pretty unimportant in the overall scheme
of things.”

Growing up in New Westminster, B.C., and later moving to the ‘Peg before
striking camp in L.A., Fehr, who most recently costarred in the thriller
Final Destination, says making the move to the States wasn’t too much of
a culture shock.

“People down [in L.A.] seem to really dig Canadians,” he snickers.

“We kind of got a good name.”