Cinescape – ‘Roswell’ Ep Review

The second season Roswell has begun, and so have the reviews from regular reviewer Kim Bundy. This week’s episode was titled “Skin and Bones.” Here’s what Kim has to say:

Roswell Review – Spoiler alert
“Skin and Bones” Episode 23
Original air date: 10-02-00

The second season of Roswell began with “Skin and Bones”, which achieved higher ratings than the last season. According to The WB, 7th Heaven and Roswell helped The WB to the #1 spot for teens, both male and female, on Monday nights. Roswell fans are cheering.

I, too, am pleased with this episode. The show seems to have found a nice balance between the special effects and relationship aspects of the story. “Skin and Bones” opens with a geologist searching with a metal detector and finding the bones of Pierce. Max, while talking to a counselor, runs through his head the filler details of what’s happened over the past three months, including the burning and burial of Pierce’s body.

Now, the obvious question is why would a metal detector pick up bones? The answer is the key to this episode. When Michael used powers to kill Pierce, the process left a trace of a new element called cadminium X. I’m interested to know if Max’s healing powers do the same [which could make her walking evidence]. That’s something to keep an eye out for in the next twelve episodes. Michael gets connected to the crime scene and so this substance could be his undoing.

The main thrust this week is a race to get to the bones before a nosy congresswoman can prove the existence of cadminium X in them. Nasedo, wearing Pierce’s body, testifies before a congressional subcommittee which ends up with the disbanding of the Special Forces Unit. Congresswoman Whitaker doesn’t buy it; then we find out she and Pierce were intimate. Nasedo, continued the relationship but hasn’t swayed her from interests in aliens.

I’m happy to see Max shoulder the responsibility of leadership and am impressed to see Nasedo defer to his authority. It’s also nice to see both Max and Michael ponder the weight of having killed. My quote for this week comes from Michael as he sits in jail, “I killed a man. Maybe this is where I should be.” Then he fears for the future, worrying about their so-far-unseen enemies, “What if I’m not strong enough.” Very human of him, I say. Interestingly enough, the promo for next week shows Izzy saying, “We may have to kill him.” I can’t wait to see who this ‘him’ is.

“Skin and Bones” concludes with Max using powers to age the bones, thus letting Michael off the hook. I doubt Whitaker will drop it though. We’re also introduced to the threat to our “Royal Four” called The Skins. Michael finds some skin at the bone burial site but it turns to dust at this touch and these Skins kill Nasedo. So, Max can heal but his powers have a limit–he cannot deny death.

I like the overall look of Roswell now. They’ve added some nice alien power clips to the intro and play with the lettering of the title, Roswell. Maria’s longer hair gives her a slimmer appearance. Many fans I’ve talked with went crazy over Max’s abs in that last scene with him shirtless.

Did anyone catch the commercial for Dido? It’s about time they advertised the group who does the theme song, though the video I saw months ago on MTV was much different. Music for Roswell continues to be awesome with Sourgirl by the Stone Temple Pilots, Brave New World by Richard Ashcroft, plus some group who’s new to me called Bif Naked. I cheered when I finally heard “Kryptonite” by 3Doors Down. Didn’t I say in past reviews how perfect that song is for Roswell? I’m glad to see they agree.

Kim Bundy