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“Last International Playboy” review and the movie opened at Kendall Square Cinema

Opinions about “The Last International Playboy”, starring Jason Behr as Jack Frost differ.

Read here a very positive movie review which was posted on the Seattlepi.com Blog:


Jason Behr does a phenomenal job in this movie. I can’t say enough about he portrays Jack Frost. It’s not how he delivered his lines that impressed me. I was really impressed how Behr was able to convey emotion in the scenes where he did not have any lines. I even had trouble watching some of the scenes because I felt for Jack. I’m hoping to see a lot more of Jason Behr in the future.


My suggestion: The Last International Playboy may not win many awards, or be the toast of the critics, but it’s a very good movie. First time director Steven Clark tells a nice story about someone who thought they had everything. It’s a great story about life, love, heartbreak, and growing up. It reminded me of why I enjoy movies so much. I love the Peter Pan references in the movie as well. The Last International Playboy is a movie that’s definitely worth seeing.

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The film is playing for one week at the Kendall Square Cinema in Boston and opened yesterday on Friday, June 19th. Read more on examiner.com