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Transcript of Exclusive – Jason Katims and “Monsters”


“The idea behind “Monsters” was to use Majandra Delfino who plays Maria and use her fear to drive the episode and what we wanted to do was remind the audience what it would be like if this happened to you and Maria of all the characters is the most normal highschool human who reacts to things appropriately and Majandra said that she feels like she’s the only normal person in the cast because she is freaking out and that’s what people should be doing if they found out that aliens exist

So we wanted to sort of drive that point home to the audience through her fear of this whole situation and through her discovery of the fact that there are aliens out there and that sort of led to a kind of comedic place with her about her fears and throwing her in a car with Isabel who used her powers deliberately to intimidate Maria.

The really interesting moment for me was that great scene at the end between Maria and Valenti where you see Maria start to crack under the pressure and literally breaks down and crys but then rises above it and stays strong and protects the secret of the aliens and it was really amazing to see what Majandra did with that scene because until then i only sort of knew her as this wonderful querky actress and to see this other side of her come out it was a wonderful surprise”

Courtesy of the WB and silverhandprint.com Jason Katims talks about the ideas behind the making of “Monsters” from the first season and working with Majandra Delfino.

“Monsters” – discussed by Jason Katims
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