Wanda Tries To Fool Roswell Fans

Thanks to Ranelle and anyone else who may have sent this in…

It’s that spooky-kooky time of year again, and to help you boob-tubers get in the Halloween spirit, I’ve conjured up a little game of Spoiler Trick-or-Treat. (Dorky, yes, but humor me.) Below, you’ll find spoilers, both real and fake, for the Halloween eps of some of your fave shows. Your job is to decide which is a trick (false) and which is a treat (true). Kinda like deciphering body parts on Titans.

1. Roswell: The picture at left is taken from the October 30 episode, in which Max and Liz go to a Halloween party dressed as Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore from Magnolia. Incensed by Tess’ flirting, Liz pulls Max outside and tells him she still loves him.

BTW, It’s fake-this is not an actual spoiler for the show.