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Additional Variations Of AP Article On Bill Sadler

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Sadler Talks ‘Roswell’
William Sadler is talking about his regular acting gig as Sheriff Jim Valenti on Roswell.

While talking to the AP, Sadler spoke of how different working on the series is from his many years of movie roles, saying, “There are a lot of firsts for me with this show. I never had an on-screen romantic entanglement until now. I’ve never worked with these kind of special effects.”

He adds, “Over the years, people have recognized me when a movie came out and said, ‘Aren’t you that guy?’ Now I get it a lot more, mostly from teenagers. It’s kind of funny.”

Sadler also speaks of the additional pressure of working on a TV program, saying, “The Shawshank Redemption was an 11-week shoot. I can remember whole days spent on getting one scene perfect. You had the luxury of time to get it right. With a television show, you have to be on. Otherwise, you’re wasting everybody’s time — the cast, the crew.”

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This was posted in my newspaper on ogden, utah. The standard examiner. I
know that this has been posted before from another article, but I thought I
would tell you that it was also in my newspaper.

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