Ign: Roswell-Meet The Dupes Review

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Roswell, Meet the Dupes

Evil twin-tastic.

November 22, 2000

In the grand tradition of punk-ass evil twins, this ep give us streetwise, skankified doppelgangers of Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. These kids are mean, man! They spit and curse. Bizarro Michael sports even worse hair than Good Michael — a mullet-mohawk, to be exact. Bizarro Isabel has a vague “Brooklyn” toughgirl accent. Bizarro Tess just looks extremely uncomfortable, all biting her lip and thinking, “Um, when do I get my pretty hair back? And this nose ring is so ick!”
Basically, these kids are aliens, too. It’s unclear as to who’s side they’re on, exactly, but as the episode keeps reminding us, they sure are mean. They kill their version of Max, then trek from New York City, where they’ve been living, to Roswell, hoping to recruit Good Max to stand in for some big alien “summit.” The purpose of said summit is apparently very important, but we’re so busy concentrating on all of the Bizarro antics, that we don’t really care.

Though the whole premise is fairly gratuitous, it’s fun watching the kids go Bizarro on us. Even when punk-assed out, they aren’t quite believable as badasses…but they sure are having a good time, and they look cool in leather. Personally, I got a kick out of Michael saying “Word!” and telling Liz “You look tiiiight!” Best line kudos must go to Bizarro Isabel, though, who refers to Liz as “[Max’s] bitch” and, when Alex tentatively approaches her and Good Isabel, sends him reeling with “No three-ways tonight, Opie. Maybe later.” Heh.