Roswell Gets Full Second Season


Roswell Gets Full Second Season
posted: 01:46 pm ET
06 November 2000

Roswell has gotten the green light to finish a full second season, allowing the cult series’ creators at least another 9 episodes to explore their increasingly epic storyline.

According to the fan site for William Sadler, who plays series heavy Sheriff Valenti, “word came in late last night [November 3]” that the WB network has ordered the rest of Roswell’s second season.

The news should come as a relief to fans, especially those who rallied last spring to save the show from the possibility of cancellation.

At that time, the WB expressed only guarded faith in its freshman “Generation X-Files” drama by ordering only 13 episodes, only slightly more than half a full season.

Since then, the show’s second season has taken a more pronounced science-fiction/adventure tack, pulling away from an early emphasis on coming-of-age storylines. Fan response has been vocal but mixed.