Vote For Interview You Want To See (Just Read Me!)

With another Press Tour occuring in a little more than a month not to mention that I’m in a joyful mood due to my 24th bday coming up on Dec 8, I’ve decided to give a present to Crashdown on my birthday and post one of the four interviews that had been promised but never posted on the site (There were reasons behind the decision not to post them but I figure, it’s not worth spoiling it for everyone by a few spoilsports who can’t help being the way they are)

But I’m in a little bit of a bind when it comes to trying to choose which one to post. I’m going to hold off on Shiri’s for now but I can’t decide whether to post Jason’s, Brendan’s or Nick’s that day and so I need your help. I’m conducting a little poll where you get to choose the interview that is posted exclusively on Crashdown a week from this coming Friday. The catch is that I won’t accept any emails sent to my fanforum or aol address stating a choice. I’ve set up a poll with all the choices and all you have to do is select which one you want to read and the interview with the most votes will be the one posted. (And you don’t even have to provide your email either when voting)

I’ll briefly describe the interviews so you can get a taste of what each is about..

Jason’s is about the show and playing Max and what he thinks about the show and the fans who helped save the show.

Brendan’s is sort of a long interview. He discusses his two upcoming movies, the show, his authorized website and his fans among other topics.

Nick’s is probably the longest. In the interview, Nick discusses being on the show, how he feels about being a celebrity, fansites devoted to him, and why he doesn’t think he deserves the praise from his fans.

Made up your mind? Then let’s go vote..

Vote For The Interview You Want To See