“Roswell High” book series mention

Thanks to Kris for sending this in.

Not really sure if this counts, but at (a site for ufo believers) was this summary of the “Roswell High” book series.

On second thought, it’s talking about the TV show too!

Roswell High

It sounded as if it was going to be tacky nonsense: three American high school kids in Roswell, who happen to be aliens in human form. Surprisingly, Roswell High is actually a pretty good series, and handles in an entertaining and at times poignant way the aliens’ quest to discover their own identity, whilst trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities. Teen angst meets ufology, and yes, there’s some romance thrown in too. It’s worth a look, as are the books that accompany the series, and would make a good Christmas present for ufologists and sci-fi fans alike. There are five books available, each costing £5.99, published by Pocket Books.