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Teen Magazine-Miko Hughes

Miko Hughes

Name: Miko John Hughes.
d.o.b.: February 22, 1986 (Aquarius)
Hometown: Apple Valley, CA. “When we have to be in LA for work and stuff, we have a guest house that we stay at.”
How You Know Him:: From tons of stuff… (this guy’s been around since he was a kid) He played Aaron on TV’s “Full House” for 5 years, Simon in “Mercury Rising” and Jordan in “Zeus and Roxanne.”
Where You See Him These Days: On “Roswell” – He plays trouble-maker Nicholas Crawford.
Family Ties?: “I have two half brothers and one half sister, but they’re all way older than me. I’ve got, nephews older than me. My youngest sibling, my sister, is twenty seven, eight, something like that.”
They’re Hollywood Hotshots?: “No! One works for the railroad and the other is like a bigwig at Southern California Edison’s [electric] Company, and my sister lives in Oklahoma.”
Any Pets?: “I have about 40 or 50,000 bees. I’ve got one hive in my room, but it died, so we’ve got to get some new bees in there. And I’ve got one outside, which is getting really big, so, there’s probably like forty or fifty in there. A lot of people get hamsters or an ant farm, I collect bees.”
Favorite TV show of all time: “‘Roswell,’ of course. No, probably something like ‘The Simpsons.’ I don’t have one favorite. I like the ‘Drew Carey Show,’ “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” I like ‘Star Trek.’ I’m a Trekkie.”
A Trekkie? Any self-respecting “Trek” fan knows they’re called “Treckers!: “I like Voyager. I don’t really watch, like, the others.”
Aha! Busted! (Kidding) His Favorite Movie?: “There’s no one favorite. It’s like asking, “who’s your favorite child?” You can’t pick your favorite child. I’d probably say, like, ‘The Matrix.’ That’s really general. Everyone says that, but okay. Oh, I love ‘Dogma.’ Kevin Smith is the bomb.”
Does he have a favorite band?: “I like everything. I’m like the weirdest kid. I listen to classical and stuff. I’m like so weird, but I like everything. Except for country…although, there’s some country, like, one or two songs that are kind of cool. I like, let me think, Korn. I’ve got like two Korn posters on my wall. Korn, Limp Bizkit, and then I like techno and stuff.”
And Eminem?: “Eminem’s cool.”
Would he see the Anger Management Tour?: “Yeah, definitely.”

Does he go online at all?: “Oh yeah. I’m like a total computer junkie. I built my computer.”
Really?: “Yeah. I’m like a total video game freak. Video games and computers; those are, like, my two favorite hobbies. One and the same I guess.”
Favorite website? “Probably! Nah, I don’t know. I went to one the other day that was really funny. Uh,, I think. It’s got Flash, and I’ve been learning Flash. It’s really cool. I made two really cruddy movies.”
Ah…a vid kid? Favorite game? “Currently, it’s Zelda, the new Zelda on Endor’s Mask (?). That one’s really cool. I’m really into that right now. Normally I have a few different games that I play at a time. This one, I’ve spent, like, the last week or two just playing nothing but this game.”
Does He Play Playstation?: “I play everything. Let me think. I’ve got 3 Gameboys, 1 Gameboy Color, a Game Gear, 3 regular Nintendos, a Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, personal computer that I built, laptop, um, did I miss anything?”
Wow. Barely leaves any times for girls. Does he have any celebrity crushes?: Drew Barrymore. I’ve always loved Drew Barrymore. It’s like, and Lucy Liu too. And then bingo, they’re both together in “Charlie’s Angels.” There’s like a whole bunch more… The usual. Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, that kind of stuff, you know. The usual teenage guy answer!”

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I read on Crashdown that we could see Miko Hughes in Kindergarten Cop. He
also played Michelle Tanner’s (the first starring role for the Olson twins)
obnoxious friend, Aaron, on the 80s show, Full House. He’s not a regular
cast member, but he’s on the show quite a bit. It airs on TBS from 5-6 EST,
M-F. Thought you may be interested.