Roswell in newest 16 magazine

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From the newest issue of 16 magazine (Spring 2001):

Pg. 3 Celebrity Sightings:
Roswell’s Emilie de Ravin stepped out for the premiere of the Sly Stallone movie, Get Carter. [picture]

Pg. 65 Miko Hughes in the 16 Spotlight:
Is there something about this guy’s face that looks familiar? If so, you’ve got a good eye because Miko Hughes has starred in tons of major flicks, like Apollo 13 and Mercury Rising. Today, the California-born actor is a little older and a little, well, taller. Which is only natural, since he was only 9 and 13 when he made those movies! These days, the 15 year-old is looking lean and mean in his role as the devious alien Nichoas on our favorite spaced-out show, Roswell. Here’s what the cutie had to say about extraterrestrials, computer games, and getting recognized by his fans.
16: What’s it like playing an evil alien?
Miko: It’s awesome. Normally, I’m the sweet little boy who’s just there or in the way. This is cool. I’m the bad guy.
16: We heard that you already had some friends on the Roswell set?
Miko: I worked with Majandra Delfino [who plays Maria] on the movie Zeus & Roxanne. My mom and her mom because friends and have stayed best friends over the years. When i got the audition it was a huge coincidence. What’s even crazier is our studio teacher from Zeus & Roxanne is the teacher on the Roswell set. It’s like a mini-reunion.
16: Give us a little insight on your character.
Miko: I’m the leader of the “skins” (the evil aliens who have taken over Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess’ home planet). I’m actually over 50 years old in the body of a teenager. I was sent by the home world to kill the royal four. After they left the planet, the skins came to power and we don’t want them coming back.
16: Did you have to keep your role a secret in the beginning?
Miko: A little bit. I don’t think it was that big of a deal. I told my friends, but I didn’t give away too much of the story.
16: What’s it like playing a character who viewers love to hate?
Miko: You don’t want him to leave but you just want him to leave the main characters alone. He’s too cool to die. say him as kind of like Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I saw a couple of other people saying that on the Internet, too. I get all the good one-liners.
16: Do you like working with the Roswell gang?
Miko: Everyone was really friendly. I’ve done guest spots on a bunch of different shows and it’s different every time. Everyone here was awesome. The first day, it was like I was part of the family. Jason Behr is trying to hook me up with a Playstation 2, so that’s cool.
16: I can’t believe you didn’t have Playstation 2 the day it came out. You need to get working on that.
Miko: I know. It’s a disgrace. My friends are laughing at me. I just killed my reputation. I was sick that week. (laughs) That’s my excuse. I was going to do the whole campout thing but since I was sick, I didn’t. Hopefully Jason will hook me up.
16: Do you still get recognized from your earlier movie roles?
Miko: Always. It’s really crazy ’cause in Pet Sematary I had blond hair and chubby cheeks. Now I’ve got a skater look with spiked hair. I can have glasses on and a baseball cap and people will still come up to me and say, “You’re the kid from Pet Sematary!” It’s creepy how people still recognize me from something when I was two years old.
16: You started acting when you were so young. Do you want to continue as you get older?
Miko: I definitely want to be an actor, but if I wasn’t an actor I would want to do something with computers, like a game programmer or something.
16: We hear you’re a total computer geek. True or false?
Miko: I’m a total techno junkie. It started with computer games. I’ve got two regular Nintendos, four Game Boys, a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo 64, a Sega Genesis, Sony Playstation, Dreamcast, a laptop, a Game Gear and a personal computer that I built.
16: How do you decide which one you want to play?
Miko: I’ve got one for every day of the week. It sounds like a lot but it’s usually whichever has the new game loaded!
[picture] Caption: This adorable teen is having a blast playing Roswell’s new alien bad guy!