Various TV and Cast News


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Actor: Brendan Fehr
Title: Every Mother’s Worst Fear
Channel: USA
Time: 2:30
Date: December 10

Actor: Katherine Heigl
Title: Bug Busters
Channel: Starz
Time: 5:05AM
Date: December 5

Actor: Majandra Delfino
Title: The Secret Life Of Girls
Channel: AMC
Time: 3:00
Date: December 10

Actor: Jason Behr
Title: Rites Of Passage
Channel: MAX2
Time: 12:50AM and 4:20AM
Date: December 9 and December 19

Actor: Miko Hughes
Title: Full House: Girls Will Be Boys
Channel: WGN
Time: 6:00PM
Date: December 5


Thanks to Jess for this :)

Shiri Appleby…the cute one

As most people know, Shiri Appleby’s name (Shiri..der :P) is Jewish. It means
“to life. Well, I found out (from a friend of mine) that her mommy is, or
used to be a Hebrew teacher @ a private Jewish school. Unfortunatley, the
person who gave me this info is in the hospital..but i’ll keep you guys

I’ll update u on anything else i’ve found out about Miko Hughes, Shiri
Appleby or any other ROSWELL cast member :)

Desmond Askew Website

Thanks to Spiderwoman for this :)

. I just thought I’d tell everyone I’m
making a Desmond Askew (Brody Davis,Max’s Boss) webpage. It should be up
soon and I will give you the link. If anyone thinks hes as cute as I do
you can see him in the movie “Go” staring Katie Holmes (Dawson’s Creek)
and Scott Wolf (Party of five) rated R for nudity and adult content and
in the up and coming “Repli-Kate” due 2001. The site should be finished
by Jan-Feb 2001.


Thanks to Brian for this :)

hi i was just lookin through a new issue of Hairstyles w/ jennifer aniston on
the cover (as always) and i came across majandra delfino. it’s 2 pages. and
there’s about 10 pictures of all the different hair styles she’s had. have a
great day.


Thanks to Shawna and everyone else for this :)

Nasedo was on Boston Public last night. (Make that on Monday)(7pm, FOX, right before Roswell)
He was a judge.