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WB Transcript of Session With Majandra

The following is a transcript from The 5/15 WB Session. It has been edited for spelling and grammar. Comments can be sent to faces@thewb.com. Questions for future Sessions can be sent to sessions@talk.thewb.com.

TheWBAndrew: Welcome to a special edition of The WB Session…you may know tonight’s guest as Maria on Roswell, a talented actress and singer…We know her simply as Majandra. She joins us here at The WB in Burbank tonight.

TheWBAndrew: Welcome Majandra!

Majandra: Thank you very much. I’m glad to be here.

TheWBAndrew: let’s take the first question from one of our regulars Buffy211
Buffy211 asks: What is your favorite food, color, book, movie, and cartoon?

Majandra: favorite color is dark, dark purple and moss green; as for my favorite book, I would have to say Anne Rice’s THE WITCHING HOUR. Favorite movie is Tim Burton’s EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, and as for the favorite cartoon, I would say THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

TheWBAndrew: A big Tim Burton Fan – cool

OrionUK asks: What do you make of the campaign of all the bottles of Tobasco sauce?

Majandra: I think I can speak for all of us: we are all very flattered and shocked at the response our show has had. We are all extremely thankful for that.

Englishfan asks: If permission is given from Virgin (working on it) for that Phil Collins song you sang on ‘Blind Date’, can you sing all of it please at the Fanforum party in LA on 5 August 2000?

Majandra: In the Air Tonight was a choice for the show and more of a character thing than something I would personally sing. The odds of singing that song of my own will is unlikely.

KBundy asks: What did you think of Backstreet Boy Howie?

Majandra: Musically, I am not a fan of the Backstreet Boys. He had that going against him when I met him. Our encounter was brief. I wasn’t too excited.

GlitterPixie asks: What’s your favorite shampoo?

Majandra: Aveda Sapmoss is my favorite.

guest350 asks: Majandra, what is one of the funniest moments on the ROSWELL set to date? Who would you say is the biggest jokester on the set?

Majandra: I would be the biggest jokester. However, I don’t think it goes over very well. The funniest moment? Hummm. It depends. It would probably be when Brendon jumped on my back for a piggy back ride. We were trying to be slick so no one would see. I wore high-heels, and I fell on my face. He fell on top of me. We couldn’t stop laughing.

socialrebel asks: How did your character affect you personally?

Majandra: My character has affected my music in the sense that people who watch the show automatically think Majandra is somewhat (or completely) like Maria. Then fans hear samples of my music on the internet, and are shocked at the subject matter and general direction of my music. They think I am peppy like Maria. My music sometimes lets them down.

claire asks: What would you like to see develop in the story line or any of the characters?

Majandra: I don’t have any preference. The writers on our show are all geniuses. I look forward to the material they come up with on our show.

Potter_Girl asks: What do you like doing more, singing or acting?

Majandra: Singing is my passion. Acting is a great job.

Buffy211 asks: What has been you favorite episode of ROSWELL so far?

Majandra: I would say Independence Day.

MichealLovesMaria asks: Will Micheal and Maria stay together despite Isabel?

Majandra: I believe they will. What I have taken from that message of destiny on our show is, what your destiny is comes from your heart, not what other people expect of you.

Kayla asks: What’s it like kissing Brenden?

Majandra: I’ve only kissed two other boys. It was pretty good, but boys will grow up to be just as cute as him. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

courtney perry asks: What are you planning to do on your break?

Majandra: Besides the movie TRAFFIC, I will probably sit around, painting, writing songs, visit friends, etc.

roswell_is_the_best asks: Do you have any CD’s? Where can I listen to your music?

Majandra: You can listen to it on the internet at www.sci-filulaby.com.

Freeky asks: What is your favorite band?

Majandra: The Beatles! Led Zeppelin, Portishead, Bjork, and NIN, and ABBA.

NatnChal asks: Do you think that they will cancel Roswell?

Majandra: No. I have faith.

jennytv asks: What do you think of your Crashdown cafe uniform?

Majandra: I love it!

Moonshine asks: Gore or Bush?

Majandra: I am so happy to have been allowed in this country, I don’t care what they do. Keep up the good work!

TheWBAndrew: she’s waving a flag right now everyone…

TheWBAndrew: ok…a few more questions

AngelKitty440 asks: Are you close friends with any of the other cast members? Who would you consider yourself closest to?

Majandra: Brendan Fehr. He’s groovy!

Emilina asks: What is one thing you strongly believe in?

Majandra: Miracles. I guess it would be my beliefs.

jboy asks: is every one returning to the show next season?

Majandra: I think everyone is coming back.

TheWBAndrew: …Majandra has a lot of faith…=)

Vipergirl asks: Does the fashion of your character on Roswell depict yours?

Majandra: Yes, at times.

OrionUK asks: Everyone I know who has watched one episode of Roswell has become a fan instantly! Why do you think that is?

Majandra: I think it’s the writing. We have genius writers. I mean Jason Katims…c’mon.

TheWBAndrew: Majandra has graciously decided to stay a little bit longer everyone…

Jabberwocky asks: How do you feel your character has changed over the season?

Majandra: I’d like to think she’s become a lot stronger.

TheWBAndrew: Jaybird has a great question…

JayBird asks: Majandra, how do you feel about the new sci-fi focus of the show? Do you miss the more intimate episodes of the early season, which focused more on the alien/human relationships?

Majandra: I’m just upset they’re taking the focus off of the humans in general. When they do put some focus on the humans, it’s usually just Liz.

charmedchic asks: Do you like sports? If so, which ones?

Majandra: I’m not a big fan of sports. I do like tennis, but that’s because I’m a yuppie!

TheWBAndrew: ok we ask the tough questions here at TheWB.com…

ilovebrendanfehr asks: What is your position on drugs and alcohol? Have you ever experimented?

Majandra: Growing up, alcohol was never taboo within Latin cultures. I’ve never gotten drunk in the sense I get sick and say to myself I will never do this again. Alcohol has always been a social and pleasant privilege.

TheWBAndrew: ok…four more questions

Maria1773 asks: What was it like filming Destiny, was it really sad?

Majandra: No. It wasn’t sad. It was exciting.

Clint asks: Will you be attending the Fan Party in August?

Majandra: Maybe. ;)

Green asks: what is one word that you would best describe yourself to people who didn’t know you?

Majandra: Pisces.

TheWBAndrew: …and what’s a WB Session without a question from realRoswellgirl

realRoswellgirl asks: What TV shows do you watch (and do you ever just sit down and watch Roswell)?

Majandra: Charmed, and The Sopranos. Anything on Nick at Night.

TheWBAndrew: …and one last question…

TheWBAndrew: here’s a great one…
tabasco asks: Who would win in a cat fight, Maria or Isabel?

Majandra: I would say Isabel, because she’s a lot bigger than me, but Maria becuase she’s a Jalapeno!

TheWBAndrew: oh brother…

TheWBAndrew: Majandra unfortunately has to go but she’s been a great sport

Majandra: Thank you everyone. Take care. And thank you WBAndrew!

TheWBAndrew: thanks again

TheWBAndrew: Some notes…

TheWBAndrew: there will be NO WB Session
this Thursday 5/18…

TheWBAndrew: We will have a very special guest next Wednesday the 24th…(hopefully)

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TheWBAndrew: you can also see The WB’s schedule weeks out in advance…

TheWBAndrew: (all events subject to change)

TheWBAndrew: thanks again everyone…and we’ll see you here next Wednesday the 24th…

TheWBAndrew: bye everyone

Majandra: bye…and thanks again everyone!