Roswell Christmas Campaign!

Okay Roswell fans…. is everyone ready for the Christmas episode??

At Campaign Headquarters, we really are!!!!

In fact, we’re ready to start a new Christmas Campaign. This is going to be

This campaign strives to spread the Roswell Christmas message across the US
and the world. We are asking for everyone to spread the message both online
and in the world around you.

Our team has prepared Roswell Christmas cards You can send it to sponsors,
affiliates, the media and whomever else you’d like. In addition, a Roswell
Christmas poster is online. You can send the page to anyone and everyone you
know online.

We also have a Roswell flyer that could be sent with traditional Christmas
cards and any other mail that you send out. Also, post it on bulletin boards
or put them in mailboxes in your neighborhood.

Download the Roswell Christmas packet today:

These efforts will certainly generate further interest in the show. If you
are unable to print the Roswell cards, we encourage you to hook up with
someone who can or simply send regular Christmas Cards and include the
message “Watch the Roswell Christmas episode on Monday, December 18th on the
WB at 9pm ET.” You can adjust the time for your local areas and local
stations if you wish. Remember we need to act quickly so that it is received
by the 18th. We never know who might be a Nielsen viewer.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and support! Get moving folks!
Promote, promote, promote …

Please send any questions that you may have to

The Roswell 2 Mods and the Campaign Crew