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Delfino: ‘Traffic’ deserves props

This is slightly related to Majandra since she’s in Traffic even though she’s not mentioned by name in the article. Thanks to Sheila and Megan for sending it in.

From InfoBeat Email:

Poll: ‘Traffic’ deserves props
(InfoBeat) – While “Traffic” has been jamming up the top of critics’ lists as one of the year’s best, InfoBeat readers found plenty they liked in Steven Soderbergh’s take on the war against drugs. Forty-six percent of Flicks Picks Poll respondents called it an excellent film, while another 23% called it an above average cinematic experience. Overall, the film averaged a 3.9 rating (out of 5).

“Traffic” deals with several intertwined stories: A presidentially appointed drug czar (Michael Douglas) discovers his daughter has a heroin addiction; DEA agents (Don Cheadle and Luis Guzman) pursue the wife of a drug kingpin (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who is trying to protect her family by managing her husband’s empire after he ends up in jail; and a border cop in Mexico (Benicio Del Toro) struggles with the ethics of his job.

InfoBeat readers said the film was a powerful representation of the drug trade and the dilemmas presented because of the money and desires thereof. Some readers turned out (and praised) stars Douglas and Zeta-Jones (even thought they never share the camera), but many also praised Del Toro, calling his an Oscar-worthy performance. Other respondents said they believed the film was a must-see for teen-agers and others voiced their opinions on the drug-war itself. Of the people that didn’t like the film, they cited the presentation (a straight-forward approach and the inter-woven stories) and the subject matter as their turn-offs.

– Masterful and complex, in the way it shows the futile reality of the drug trade crisis in America. How can drugs be effectively stopped if people, kids included, want it and government officials in other countries are corrupt?

– This was THE BEST movie I have seen in I don’t know how long! Visually powerful and wonderfully directed. Such a talented group of actors…Benicio Del Toro was amazing, as was Don Cheadle, Michael Douglas and Zeta-Jones! I especially loved that in dealing with all the conflict and the war on drugs that inevitably touches us all, the movie ends on a positive, hopeful note.

– What a intense movie, real-life drama, and portrayed the drug world to a “T”…Benicio Del Toro deserves some credit for his wonderful job of acting. Catherine Zeta-Jones blew us away with her strength as the mother lion, protecting what was important to her – her family. Michael Douglas did a good job!…Deserves some awards.

– Excellent movie, with strong scenes of violence and drugs. Let’s face reality and try to do something to help the new generation to overcome their problems.

– This is a thoughtful and sincere look at our “war on drugs” in this country. The performances were outstanding and the story (or stories) were interesting. This is the best movie I have seen all year.

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