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Diane Farr in People Mag. Feb 5

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The Girl Code
by Diane Farr
Picks & Pans People Magazine Feb. 5, 2001
Reviewed by Jennifer Wuff

How can you tell, over the first restaurant dinner, how he’s going to
behave down the road? Diane Farr, a former host of MTV’s Loveline, knows.
“Watch how he treats the waitress,” she writes. “Because in six months, this
is exactly how he will treat you.” Though a tad trite – this pocket-size
handbook is hardly substansive enough to fill an afternoon – The Girl Code is
stacked with clever observations about relationships and cutely packaged
advice. For instance, Farr redefines DWI as Dialing While Intoxicated (when
you may be prone to blurting out embarrassing confessions) and says it must
be avoided at all costs. And the Recycling Bin refers to those exes in your
address book you sometimes turn to in desperation. From the types of dates
to wedding-party politics, the laughs are plentiful here, Some sage advice
from celebrities is also sprinkled thoughout. “It’s not the having,”
Elizabeth Taylor once confessed. “It’s the getting.” (Little, Brown,
$14.95) Bottom Line: Lively lexicon of love