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Transcripts of videos at Majandra’s Music site – Part 1

Thanks to Catalinay for these – i’m splitting them up into two parts!

Part One

1st video

Here’s the first one – it’s a welcome to her website, and it’s a song. She’s sitting cross legged in front of a little toy piano, against a brick wall. She’s wearing a black dress and black and white striped tights.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

You have now let me in and
Now you can’t get rid of me
So I thought that it was private
Now you’re stuck with me
But thank you for coming
And I’m looking forward to invading your life
Now we can be best friends
So, welcome to my website

As always, some of the words might be wrong, but this should be pretty accurate.

The melody is hard to describe…it’s high pitched, there’s pauses between the lines, accented by one-note strokes on the piano that are almost jarring. But it’s really really good…if that makes any sense at all.

2nd video – Siren – Majandra is making a flower arrangement on a wood picnic table – the flowers spell out “siren”. As always, it’s pretty accurate, but I might not have gotten all of the “um”s and “like”s in the exact right spot.

Siren is a song that came…. Well what happened is my mom had banned me from my boyfriend. She thought he was like evil, um you know the whole thing.

So one day I was sneak talking to him on my phone you know, like so she wouldn’t hear, and she came in, came walked by my door and it freaked me out, I hung up on him. And he was in miami and I was in Los Angeles so it was really s***ty.

So I got up and went into the bathroom, I have no idea why. But I guess it would make sense that the light was on in the bathroom, but if I had the light on in my room I’d get in trouble. So I went into the bathroom and, you know, sat on the toilet, lid closed. (laughing) And um, and wrote just all of the verses of the song.

3rd video – Bliss

I wrote all of bliss while I was just waiting for the plane to you know, to let us out. So it was really fast. I would say the song’s about you know, knowing better than what you’re about to do, you know? Knowing what’s really good for you, yet just hanging onto like some sort of hope.

It was just this vast vomit of like feelings. Of how I all of a sudden just like rushed to me. You know, before I saw him. All of a sudden it was so clear to me what this relationship was about. And then I, (laugh) you know, got off the plane and was of course, dumb again, and completely forgot that
I was supposed to get over this thing.

4th video – Oilwater – She’s standing on a metal patio/stairway type thing that leads up to a door.

Oilwater. I went on a 23 hour road trip to one location. We were driving – I mean he was driving, I didn’t offer to drive. And he’s, you know, got like the cool car, he doesn’t let any chicks drive it or whatever. I was basically passed out the whole time. I’m one of those. And – or I write stuff down in my journal. I was really not exciting – er, excited, at all. But whatever. Um…and every time I’d think finally that he was going to be like, receptive and like, you know, caring. I would see him put his arm over the uh, you know, over my chair and he’d look to his right and I’d think he was you know, finally like, reaching out. It would turn out he was just trying to change lanes without you know, trying to look, because all the luggage was in the pickup truck. (laugh) So he was maneuvering himself around. So half of this song was written – all the verses were written – on the way to the first location, which was 23 hours in the car. He’s quite the man, so he never stops more than an hour every six hours to sleep.

Part Two – coming next!

Legal notes – the videos and all of their content are copyright MajandraMusic.