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TV Guide Insider Segment – Katherine Heigl

Thanks to ~Color Mist~ for this:

Yay, good news — I dunno if this has already been reported, but if it
hasn’t, then, hey, something new! The T.V. Guide channel, (it shows the
schedules for the different networks and shows previews for movies and series
showing on television) was showing some Insider segments — of the past? —
that were the Best of 2000, and I tuned into it while they were interviewing
Katherine Heigl from Roswell!

I kinda flipped in right in the middle of it, and I stopped as soon as I saw
Katherine because I knew it had to be about Roswell. They had a little
yellow popup box that listed the name of the show and the WB Network, and
Katherine was talking about how she could relate to Isabel — of course not
totally, because Isabel is from another planet — but in the way she acts and
wants people to see her. They showed a clip of Katherine, Brendan, and Jason
rehearsing a scene in the Crashdown, reading through the lines, where Isabel
was reprimanding — Max, I guess — about how they can’t just pretend that
what they do doesn’t matter… Then someone came on the set and they started
laughing and waving and stopped going through the lines.

The announcer said that Roswell was into it’s second season already, and how
Katherine could drop some hints to the fans, and then they cut back to
Katherine and she said there was a lot more in store, especially for her
character, and she mentioned love triangles, and a new love interest. They
showed a clip of Isabel and Alex, both in costumes, and the announcer asked
— this isn’t word for word — “What about Tom Hanks’ son, Colin, who plays
Alex on the show, Isabel’s former love interest?” and she talked about how
people seemed to love that relationship that they had because it was really
adorable, and that she loves Colin Hanks because he’s very sweet :) They cut
to a scene of Isabel, again, reprimanding Max about how the people were out
to “exterminate” them, and the announcer went to a commercial, (after a
teasing line about staying tuned in to find out why gallons of Tabasco sauce
saved the show).

When they got back, the topic was on the Tabasco sauce and how fans had sent
in approximately 6,000 bottles, and Katherine raved about how great it was
that the fans banded together like that on the Internet and sent them all in.
Of course there was the obligatory explanation about why fans sent in
Tabasco sauce — because it is a “dietary quirk” of the aliens. She
mentioned Michael in particular, in that he is always putting the stuff in
his soda or on his candy bars.

Oh, and the announcer posed a question about the vacation the cast took
before returning to their second season, and how Katherine had taken some
time off to pose for the cover of the T.V. Guide, (I’m not sure when…).
They finished with her talking about how she had gone back east where most of
her family is, and how her mother is her greatest supporter…and that
everyone needs someone like that in their lives, to support them in whatever
they do. :) And that was the end of that segment.

(But like I said, I didn’t see the whole thing…they show them on the
hour…I just thought I would send in what I know.)