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Transcript of Jason Behr CityTV video interview

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this:

This is a transcript of the RealPlayer interview with Jason Behr. There is a link to it
at http://www.citytv.com/roswell/max.asp

Jason Behr CityTV interview:

part 1

“Since the pilot Max has sort of come out of his shell a little more than he was ever able to. He has experienced a little more of what life has to offer. His relationship with Liz has progressed some, and not without consequence, but..

And I think also that the three aliens � Max, Isabel, and Michael – have come closer and closer to finding out the truth about their past. Michael sort of drags everyone along with him on this vision quest. And Max tries to be the calm one, but I think somewhere inside him he wants to know too. But his life � along with Isabel’s life – in Roswell is a little more sane than Michael’s. So you have three different levels of desire to find out this truth.

Isabel wants to find out, because she wants to know where she’s from but she still likes life in Roswell and she loves her parents and she likes school.

Um, Max is torn because he has Liz and then he has this � this truth out there that they are getting closer and closer to. So there is three different levels of want and desire to find out where they’re really from.”

part 2

“I think it’s a unique blend of the fantasy and the metaphor and the humor and the drama involved with the show. I think that, um, we can’t have too much of one thing. It’s not a comedy and it’s not an incredibly serious drama where everything is always down. We try to add different flavors of things. Um, in one week you’ll have something that’s more suspense-driven and we kind of find out more about our past and the history and the truth to their origins and then in some shows you’ll have more emotional character-driven stories.”

part 3

“We had a wonderful experience in the pilot. Jason [Katims] is incredibly talented, uh, he’s got this brilliant mind that is always constantly working, you can see him when he’s moving on the set, he is just kind of bouncing around, looking, and constantly thinking � and the characters are so rich and the ideas and the possibilities are infinite with the backdrop of being an alternate reality, if you will, of the existence of aliens, that backdrop coupled with his knack for relationships and then also with David Nutter’s eye – it has just been one great experience.

And I think that for me to sit here and tell you that I think that we are the only intelligent life forms in this galaxy would be very arrogant of me.”