Additional “Valentine” Information

Thanks to Ana for this:

Hi, I went to the VALENTINE premiere and wanted to say that William Sadler
was there too along with Julie Benz. Jason Behr showed up at the afterparty
and stayed with Katie Heigl the whole time. Emilie deRaven and Devon
Gummersaul (SIC?) showed up to hang out with them later on. Katie is the
sweetest person on earth and took time to talk to everyone who came up to
her and Jason is so adorable and sweet but kinda shy and quiet but very
polite. I asked Katie about the future of Roswell and she said that they
haven’t heard anything but are keeping their fingers crossed that they will
be picked up for another season. We talked about how the upcoming strike
might effect the show and that if the strike does happen, a season would
only have say 16 new episodes instead of the regular 22. She was so down to
earth and very friendly!

Thanks to kristina for this:

Teen People

FASHION FORWARD: Roswell star Katherine Heigl, who also has a small role in
Valentine, looked lovely at the movie’s Hollywood premiere. (Pierre