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Variety: Showbiz People Report: Katherine Heigl

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Thursday night’s premiere of Warner Bros.’ “Valentine,” at Mann’s Chinese in Hollywood went head-to-head against a brand new episode of “Survivor: The Australian Outback.”

Co-star Katherine Heigl admitted to being torn between staying home for the reality show or attending the screening.

The show “is, like, the perfect thing to sit with a bunch of friends and watch and just rank on everybody … I might be watching it this year just to make fun of everyone,” she said.

Guests chowing down on burgers, quesadillas, fish sticks and rum punch at the Maxim-hosted after-party in Hollywood’s American Legion Hall included director Jamie Blanks; stars David Boreanaz, Jessica Capshaw, Woody Jeffreys, Denise Richards and Marley Shelton; as well as Charisma Carpenter, Rachel Hunter, Bob Saget, Tori Spelling, Tangi Miller (”Felicity”) and George Eads (”CSI”).