Commentary HTOHL with William Sadler

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Transcript of Roswell Commentary “How the other half lives” with William Sadler.

William – The whole arc of, um Valenti getting in trouble for helping the
kids is uh, it’s great fun for me to play as an actor because there’s, there
are a couple things going on at the same time. He’s gone out on a limb to
protect them which he feels compelled to do because Max saved Kyle. He
knows which side he’s on, and he knows what will happen to them if there
uncovered, so, they need someone to protect them. They need all the help
they can get. And he knows that, but by lying, by covering up, by not being
able to explain his actions to these investigators, and the judge and what
have you, it’s begun to cost him. And I always think that makes for an
interesting drama. You know there’s something at stake for him, and there’s
also something ironic that he’s following in his fathers footsteps. This is
exactly what occurred to his Dad for other reasons and they laughed him off
the force because he believed in aliens. And he kept saying it’s, there
were aliens out there and he couldn’t prove it and they said ‘Yeah right,
well your not fit to be the Sheriff.’ I know there’s aliens too, can’t
explain it. My bizarre behavior is uh, it’s been a great roller coaster for