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Commenary “Disturbing Behavior” by William Sadler

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Transcript of Roswell Commentary ‘Disturbing Behavior’ with William Sadler.

William – It’s nice to not be thee, you know, thee uptight authoritarian uh,
every minute. He gets in so much trouble his focus goes within. Now he’s
gotta save his own butt, ya know. And he becomes introspective because his
life is in shambles, as he says in one, at one moment he’s in a dark place
that he’s gotta work himself out of. But he becomes human in a way, like
every body, he’s got problems and that’s always great stuff for him. That
makes him interesting, it makes him fun. As far as where I would like him
to go, does he ever become Sheriff again? I don’t know. I honestly don’t.
I think he should become a traveling musician. You know like ‘Blind Jim
McValenti’ (**I think that is what he said**) and uh, go on the road, with
Amy. It’s funny though because Iv’e spent, I, I, I mean I’m around, I’m
around maybe 15 or 16 movies and…. and in all of this time I’ve never
really had a romance title. I’m always the villain or it’s, you know, it’s
boy meets girl, boy get’s girl, boy dismembers girl. So this is a really
nice change for me. This is a chance to do something a little more human.
And be funny, it can be vulnerable, and be in love and get flustered and all
of those good things. So, I’m diggin’ it, a lot. I like this direction. I
like that he got pulled down off this authoritarian, you know uptight
position as the Sheriff. I’m not sure where he’s going to go right now.