Copyright Issues

Crashdown and the Fan Forum web sites strive to respect copyright issues, and to operate within the Fair Use provisions of US Copyright law. We encourage every webmaster and internet user to obey and respect copyright issues.

Specific things to respect include not using images marked with copyright or with wording in the text asking for respect of the copyright, and not changing any identification remarks on photos which are used.

The official Emilie De Ravin web site ( has chosen to aggressively protect their copyrighted materials, and crashdown respects this. Pending our own internal review of all material on this site featuring Emilie, her photo galleries and any images including her which can not be immediately attributed to WB press/promotional photos (used by this website under Fair Use provisions, and for promotion of the Roswell Television show) or with copyright owned by crashdown staff, or fans, will be removed.

We hope to get allowable stuff back on line as quickly as possible, but fully respect and support the rights of the official site to excercise their rights. Crashdown will do everything in its power to comply with requests to remove copyrighted material, when this is requested by the copyright holders.