Roswell preemption in Memphis on 4/23

Thanks to Debi for this :)

Monday’s Roswell will be pre-empted in its regular time period on April 23 in
Memphis, TN.
It will air at 2:05am.

WPTY/ABC 24 is running a local movie from 7-9pm and has
to run ABC’s regularly scheduled movie right after Nightline at 11:05pm.
This will push the WB schedule up two hours.

Here’s what Monday (4/23) will look like:

11:05pm ABC Monday Night Movie
01:05am 7th Heaven
02:05am Roswell

Please let as many people know as you can. I’ll run promo’s but I’m
afraid I’ll miss a lot of people and since I watch Roswell, I know how
I’d feel if I missed it.

Since this is a last minute change, it won’t be in any of the TV listings.