Spice Up Your Lineup — Add Roswell to UPN!

Thanks to the Campagin Crew and the Roswell 2 mods for sending this in! Please take a little time to try to show the power of the Roswell fan base to the UPN network! This campaign should take priority over all of the other various things going on, so that we can make this goal.

Check the thread on Ros2 for updates:

Spice Up Your Lineup — Add Roswell to UPN!

okay everyone … listen up!

HOT off the presses — we’ve just gotten a green light (or “red” light) to
start sending in tabasco bottles to the UPN network, to let them know what
kind of fanbase and support roswell has!

We don’t know yet what the WB will do with the show. We hope it stays there, but want to be prepared for the possibility that it won’t. The Roswell fan base would follow the show to PBS if it came to that, and the UPN looks like the best alternative if the WB doesn’t act.

just like last year, we’re asking EVERYONE to send in a short, polite,
positive letter about roswell explaining how much you’d love to see roswell
on UPN, along with a bottle of tabasco.

Emily_A came up with the brilliant tag line: “Spice Up Your Lineup — Add
Roswell to UPN!”

we want to make the tabasco mail in from last year look lukewarm by
comparison — we’re aiming to surpass the 6,000 bottles we sent in last year! We have 25,000 active Roswell fans who post on the boards, or visit crashdown, so there should be no reason for us not to reach our goal. But we need you!!!

but time is of the essence here! UPN makes their decision on may 17 — which
is just over 3 weeks away! we need to get everyone working together ASAP to
pull this off!

here’s who you should be sending your letters and tabasco to:

Dean Valentine
President & CEO
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Tom Nunan
President, Entertainment
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

please do your part and write and send in tabasco now! may 17th is not that far away!