The Get To Know Nelly Furtado

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Get To Know Nelly Furtado

She’s mega-talented and super cute, so it really kills us that she’s so darn nice! We caught up with Nelly Furtado when she shot an episode of Roswell, and she gave us all the dirt on who she is and where she’s going.

Fan-tastic: “I met this really great fan who was getting physical therapy at the university where we filmed [Roswell] and he was in a wheelchair. He’d had an accident on his motorbike the year before and he was a paraplegic for a while, but he’d already halfway recovered. He was there with his mom, and I signed his CD. Even though he mostly listened to punk and hard core stuff, he had kind of discovered my CD, and it was the only thing he loved to listen to that inspired him in his tough time.”