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Benz out on Glory days, but in for more Angel

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‘Scream’ writer dabbles with WB show
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – “Glory Days” might get a little creepier and a little younger before it makes its mid-season debut on The WB Network next year. Creator Kevin Williamson, writer of “Scream” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” is expected to put his teen horror movie pedigree to work in adding more mystery elements to the show. Moreover, Julie Benz has left the show. The network is said to be looking for a younger actress to replace her as the ex-girlfriend of the central character on “Glory Days,” a 27-year-old burned-out writer, played by Eddie Cahill, who returns to his hometown for inspiration. The Miramax Television show is also expected to add a couple of teenage characters. The tweaking of the pilot also includes Cahill’s character running the local newspaper instead of becoming a high school teacher. Benz, meanwhile, is expected to return as a recurring character on The WB’s drama “Angel,” where she plays Darla.