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Colin mentioned in Eonline’s Dear Marilyn

Thanks to Melissaleg for sending this in!

Dear Marilyn: One of the characters in Roswell is played by a young man whose
last name is Hanks. Is he related to Tom Hanks, or does he just look like
Jennifer, El Paso, Texas

Dear Jennifer: Colin Hanks is indeed the son of the famed actor. He and
sister Elizabeth were raised by their mother, Samantha Lewis, in Sacramento,
California. (Hanks and Lewis divorced when Colin was 8).
Colin moved to Los Angeles for college. During that time, he broke into the
business with a small part in his father’s 1996 movie That Thing You Do.
Besides that and Roswell–which moves to UPN this fall without Colin, whose
character was killed off earlier this year–he has had parts in the films
Whatever It Takes, Get Over It and the upcoming Orange County, in which he
plays a high school senior whose dreams of attending Stanford are
inadvertently destroyed by a guidance counselor.
Incidentally, Colin says he’s not seeking superstardom, because it brings
with it too much pressure.