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Julie Benz answers fan questions on Twitter – again!

Julie Benz answered some fan questions again. When she was on the “Dexter” set getting her hair and make up done she used the time to get in touch with her fans.

Read the tweet interview transcript here on Crashdown and make sure to take a look at Julie’s official Twitter page: www.twitter.com/juliebenz

@juliebenz what actor or actress have you met that intimidated you the most, but learned the most from?
@8becca8 stallone

@juliebenz do you ever tweet on the set of Dexter?
@deena712 tweeting right now from dexter set!

@juliebenz Do you know who/what you are?
@RishiEd a woman

@juliebenz did you have to audition for Dexter or did they call and invite you? From a fan in the UK with a husband on TV also
@sj_parker auditioned numerous times… and then committed a few murders (my competition)

@juliebenz Is your success as an actress just completely surreal at times?
@buffyTVSrox yes!! all the time!!! i love my job so much and feel very blessed every day that i get to be an actor!

@juliebenz How would you spend an ideal Saturday afternoon? =)
@buffyTVSrox poolside with my best girlfriends and then cooking dinner for everyone!

@juliebenz What’s the best book you’ve ever read? p.s. Am so looking forward to the Boondock Saints II I loved the trailer!
@WinonahvdBosch the glass castle and we the living

@juliebenz U usually play very powerful (and aggressive) women, do u ever think Rita is too passive for ur tastes?
@Bobschica rita is powerful in her own way… she has a lot of inner strength… i love her vulnerablity and her optimism

@juliebenz great! BTW I’m the guy that announced you on stage each day. You ladies were so wonderful
@h0stile17 thank you!!! you were great!!!

@juliebenz What do you consider your strongest characteristic?
@Star2Imagine my drive, determination and sense of humor

@juliebenz what was it like to work with Alexander Skarsgård?
@ellebannana he’s great!!! and very tall!!! very talented! i learned a lot working with him!

@juliebenz Kayla and I love that you visit the fansite we made for you. Is there any interest from you in making it an official site?
@wandering_fairy yes!! i will have my publicist contact you! you guys are amazing!

@juliebenz how come you have free time to answer all those questions, stuck in traffic?
@Frafry im in the hair and makeup trailer on dexter… perfect way to kill time!

@juliebenz do you think you will ever work with Rose McGowan again? Would be great to see my two fave actresses together again :)
@Natasha1988 i would love to!!!

@juliebenz You are physically fit and train a ton! Have you ever done any of your own stunts?
@kellery09 yes i attempted every stunt in rambo… only failed at one

@juliebenz Who would you love to guest star on Dexter?
@marshmallowe rose mcgowan and stallone!

@juliebenz I think you are a phenomenal actress. I heard you were a method actress and was wondering if that was true? Thanks:] @ColleenMOBrien i’m an everything actor… i use whatever works!!

@juliebenz Have you ever been in Russia? =)
@Sonya_R yes i spent the summer of ’93 studying acting in moscow at a theater company… one of the best times of my life!

@juliebenz how or what do u do to prepare before the camera starts filming? What goes through ur head?
@Rickweasel i hope i dont screw up!!

@juliebenz you can tweet on your Kindle too
@Kippoe really??? how???
@juliebenz here is a page explaining not the fastest but still can do it http://bit.ly/14aA0H

@juliebenz What was the last film you saw?
@LESTAN11 the hangover

@juliebenz If you could have any chef in the world cook for you, who would it be?
@ntfc2 giada delaurentis

@juliebenz any chance of seeing you an charisma in a project together soon? <3 you two @CourteneyCoxFan i hope!!!! @juliebenz Love scenes (emotional or physical) with a coworker's husband: Awkward? Funny? No big deal? @cabridges no big deal @juliebenz Does Jennifer ever feel awkward on set when Michael is kissing all up on you? I know it's acting, but that has to be weird! @LaurenLaFrantz no not at all... jennifer is one of my best friends @juliebenz my wife and I absolutely love you on dexter. What's your fave ep So far? @chief_brody the marriage proposal @juliebenz Did you actively pursue the Dexter part or was it offered to you through your agent or...? @davwin i jumped through hoops for the role!!!!! and killed a few people @juliebenz Do you remember what you were doing when you first heard about the 9/11 attacks? @buzzkillitch sleeping i was in LA and my dad called me to tell me the news... i remember sobbing in bed holding my dogs @juliebenz What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up? @ebordcov a figure skater @juliebenz can we be best friends? @kurtlesturtles sure but you may have to fight my besties first! @juliebenz is there a menu/food item that you are intimidated to cook? (I can't imagine one you'd be afraid to tackle). @datsingajonn mussels and clams @juliebenz your scrumptious food related tweets beg for you to publish a cookbook or a food blog. Would you do something like that? @spaceguy1 i am thinking about it! @Juliebenz I noticed you love to chew gum at Dragon Con. Have a favorite brand/flavor? @Tonberry108 dentyne ice arctic chill @juliebenz How long does it take to film an episode? How long is an average day? @sarijos 8 days per episode and average day is 12-15 hours @juliebenz Which director would you like to work with? @gwenxmaybe quentin tarantino and scorsese @juliebenz thanks for this opportunity you rock, question which actor and director would you like to work in the near future? @woxvirus quenton tarantino and cate blanchett! @juliebenz Hey Julie. Love Dexter & Rita. Fab show. On another note - what do you think of the proposed reboot movie of Buffy without Joss? @DocDonaghy bad idea! @juliebenz who is the best director you have worked with? @diehardnick stallone and @msiega @juliebenz Of all the costumes you saw at DragonCon, what was your favorite? Or, what was your favorite thing about DragonCon? @amezri the gold aliens running around the hilton @juliebenz hi, what made u decide to co-star in rambo? please note that i loved rambo, and loved the fact u were in it, was a bonus;) @13thGapYear working with stallone... and being a part of the rambo franchise @juliebenz you said you are most proud of your work in Rambo4. Is that because it was so different than your other roles or another reason? @Crashbox it was an extremely tough shoot.. in the jungles of thailand...and stallone is an amzing but very demanding director @juliebenz I've always wondered..who provides ur health insurance? Seems actors work 4 a lot of diff employers throughout career. Much luv! @TheGrulkster our insurance is through our union SAG @juliebenz What is your favorite Buffy/and or Angel episode? @WhedonKripkeFan dear boy, darla and the one where connor was born @juliebenz Dexter vs Angel vs Rambo, one room, no weapons, who would come out alive? @JTVaughn rambo... total blood bath! @juliebenz if U were dating a "real life" Dexter, & found out his "secret" what would U do? Turn him in? Just leave?..Try and change him? ;) @JP2525 will he kill me if i turn him in??? @juliebenz Do you like working with the baby on set or is it a challenge? @NickSpov i love working with the baby... makes me want to hve one of my own! @juliebenz What is the best piece of fashion advice you can give a girl? @tls0118 be comfortable!! and dont follow trends... classic is always best @juliebenz I don't really have a question, but just wanted to let you know you are awesome @iWade2point0 thank you!! you are awesome too! @juliebenz do you have any other projects in the works? @PaperClipKoala boondock saints 2 out in theaters october 30! @juliebenz I can't think of a question. I try to think of one and all that comes to mind is old Roswell episodes. So I'll just say g'mornin @chrissullivan85 good morning! @juliebenz Of the guest stars you have had on Dexter who is your fav? @nosajdabeno valerie cruz and jimmy smits and john lithgow! @juliebenz Who would win in a fight between Dexter and Rambo? @readyState rambo -- he has big guns! @juliebenz Hey :) .. Question...where were you during the 9/11 attacks? @newtonmjr i was in LA @juliebenz how are you? what are you going to do this weekend? @katarzynaaa relaxing poolside with my girlfriends!! @juliebenz It's my birthday on Monday. What should I ask for when I blow out the candles? @jfanto long life! @juliebenz Where were you/what were you doing on 9/11? @Kruitbosch i was in LA but my exhusband was in NYC working... @juliebenz What is your favourite literature? (book, poem, speech, script...) @JJay85 the glass castle - great memoir... we the living by ayn rand... @juliebenz How much of the old buffy/angel gang do you still see? BTW, loved your dexter and SAW performances. @AshleyRBlack charisma, clare kramer and jenny mollens i see/talk to almost daily! @juliebenz Hi, Beautiful! What's your favorite movie? @mowlster terms of endearment, rocky and life is beautiful @juliebenz Was it your childhood dream to be an actress? What were your other career goals? @tls0118 doctor... i come from a long line of doctors and wanted to be the first female doctor in the family @juliebenz Which country would you love to visit?And why? @candyjasmin argentina... i hear great things about buenos aires... and cuba! @juliebenz Who would you say is the funniest actor/actress you have ever worked with? @Dominic_A sylvester stallone... he's actually very funny @juliebenz I have new access to the Showtime on demand. Why should I go back and watch season 1 and 2 of Dexter? :) @mrvideoguy to understand the characters better @juliebenz now that Rambo V has been greenlit, will you be making an appearance? @bagelsncheesey i wish!!! but no plans as of right now @juliebenz What has been your favorite Rita moment? @StabbedArtery dressing as lara croft... and when dexter proposes @juliebenz Do you support any specific charities/organizations? If so which and why? @greeenraiin us campaign for burma, amnesty international, st. judes, lupus LA, save the children @juliebenz Name 3 things you would bring with you to a deserted island (no airplanes or boats allowed!) @tvashtri my kindle (to read), my blackberry (to answer tweets) and sunscreen! @juliebenz cool. Did you enjoy your visit to #dragoncon? @h0stile17 yes!!!!! had a great time! @juliebenz Any favorite TV chefs??? @jasonrow giada delaurentis and mario batali @juliebenz when you get a new Dexter script do you read all the way though straight away or skim it for your bits first?? @zer0Studi0 i read the whole script... and then re-read my stuff @juliebenz what was your best/most memorable day of shooting on the set of the @boondocksaints 2? can't wait for that show! - thanks @ksconroy55 the first day they handed me a gun and said fire 6 rounds into camera and change the mag without looking... @juliebenz You work out frequently - what do you focus on? Cardio? Toning? A blend? @darenmay all of it... i spin, box, do pilates and lift very heavy weights @juliebenz Is Rita going to be getting het own action figure too? @sinfony rita has been immortalized as a bobble head @juliebenz Is Rita a complete opposite of you? Or do you have things in common with her? @PaschaBri rita is very close to me in many ways and very different as well... she wears flats and i wear heels!!! @juliebenz Was it more fun filming BDS: All Saints day or your Supernatural episode? @KimmyTailor it was a great experience! i love SPF... and all the guys in BDS2! @juliebenz after you :), who is the coolest actor in dexter? @JehutyAnubis david zayas... everyone loves david! @juliebenz which tv series premiere you anticipate mostly this year? @smugnificent vampire diaries... @juliebenz hey Julie! Heard that John lithgow will be the serial killer this season on Dexter. Did you get to work w/ him at all? @MJagr26 i don't want to!!! i love JL but i don't want to end up dead! @juliebenz Does Rita have any air time with John Lithgow? or with anyone besides Dexter this season. she gets no love @damnmooks i get a lot of time with deb this season... and the baby! @juliebenz Being a foodie...what's the 1 food/dish you would eat daily if you could eat nothing else? @HeadshotHeather peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with banana... @juliebenz What's your favourite colour? :) @Tori_82x green.... i love green! @juliebenz What has been the best thing about doing Dexter? @JoWoCo working with the cast and crew for 4 years!!! we are a close family @juliebenz I just started watching Dexter last night but I am a huge Darla fan. Do you ever miss playing the evil vamp? @SophiaBushNews yes... she was a great character -- i loved all the flashback scenes! @juliebenz Here is a question for you...who have you enjoyed working with the most? @Stormyiz working with MCH has been amazing... and stallone! @juliebenz what is youre favorite sport or workout? @Witchblade77 i love to spin and box... i have a gym in my garage and i'm a it of a workout junkie @juliebenz What's your favorite thing to do while you're in the Burgh? @livefr0mnewy0rk visiting friends and family @juliebenz Hey, what episode are you currently filming? @b3rt4 we are filming episode 10 right now @juliebenz Is there any plan for you to make an appearance on Dollhouse? @Vaimpyr ...not at this time.. But I would love too! @juliebenz Where can I score the shoes you wear in the All Saint's Day trailer? @KJCollard christian louboutin...my fav!! and they are from my own closet! @juliebenz What was your most challenging part to play, and which part taught you the most? @edrafalko i learned a lot while filming Rambo...about film and Burma. and that was my most challenging movie... @juliebenz What's your fave thing to cook? What's your fave to have others cook for you? :) @chowdown i love italian food.... addicted to sicillian calamari.. no one cooks for me:(