Campaigns To Get UPN/Roswell

Hey Roswell Fans,

For those of you who are concerned about not getting Roswell in your area in the Fall, The Campaign Crew would like to let you know that you’re not alone! We’re planning to assist as many groups as we can to get UPN and Roswell in their areas.

Over the summer, we will be launching a series of campaigns which will target cable companies, stations which are secondary UPN affiliates, the Dish Network, DirecTV, etc. These activities will include writing letters, sending postcards, signing petitions and charity events. At this time, we would like to gather information about which groups may not be getting Roswell in the Fall. We’d also like to establish regional contacts who could help us to organize these campaigns. If anyone is among the groups that are in danger and would like to assist us, please send us an e-mail.

During the next week, we will announce the details of our first campaign to help those in the Cincinnati area with Time Warner Cable. Many others will follow in the coming weeks. We will have to continue to work together so that all Roswellians will have Roswell in their homes on Tuesday nights on UPN. Thanks again for your continued support.

— The Campaign Crew